Wednesday, June 4, 2008

it's seafood night a las casa de jillian

OK, here it is AGAIN. But only because I'm actually proud of how this looks:

So, a gratuitous photo in my bathing suit to show you that bikini dreams CAN come true, if you suck in your gut enough!

I digress...

What I meant to talk about in this evening's pre-weigh in post is about my relationship with food, that I recently discovered while talking with a co-worker.

The other night, I went grocery shopping. It was the first time ever I had a feeling! about grocery shopping, aside from dreading it. As I walked the aisles, I made healthy choices without even bothering to look at the foods I shouldn't have. I didn't crave any of the foods I used to. I also planned my meals as I dumped contents into the cart. In the last few weeks I have been very creative about my meals. For example, I had frozen shrimp and frozen salmon burger in the front of my freezer. I made a giant salad and re-heated some basil parmesan orzo I had the other night. Grill the shrimp & salmon. Apply cranberry mustard to the grilled feesh. Dump the shrimp in the orzo; salmon in the salad and VOILA! Seafood delight and only a 10 point dinner!

Growing up, my mom and I ate a meat and a starch for dinner every night. Salad was the veggie, or some sort of frozen vegetable if it was special. We used to go out to eat ALL of the, chinese, diner, italian, spanish you name it, we ate it. I would say I grew up with a skewed (but probably normal) version of eating. It wasn't until I learned how to cook, that I became experimental with tastes and different foods. Today, whatever I cook my mom usually hates. I eat healthy. I like eating lots of different things, more variety than I ever had before. I still enjoy some good old fashioned comfort food every now and then. But now, different foods excite me and more of the bad stuff turns me off.

Here's to less of me tomorrow.

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