Thursday, June 19, 2008

no more hanky panky

I was about 9 pounds away from goal in May and I was royally screwing myself over until last Thursday. I re- joined a gym. I have done cardio, weights or walked outside for every single day in the last week. I lost .8 lbs, which puts a slight dent in my weight loss but not enough. I was semi-frustrated that I didn't lose as much as I had hoped but still optimistic enough not to get discouraged and give up. I have 2 weeks until 155 or bust and if I keep up this exercise routine, I should be close if not at where I wanna be.

I hereby do solemnly swear NOT to get cocky every time I lose weight. This is a trend brought to my attention at today's WW meeting. When I'm down in the pounds, I tend to "celebrate" and then lose focus on my ultimate goal, which is LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP. "Oh, well I lost 1 pound and I'm so close, I might as well binge on wings and beers."

I have been taking the slow, scenic route of weight loss for too long! I need to get on the interstate and go the fastest most direct way to where I want to be! The next two weeks are going to be a challenge for me. Tonight is Alive @ 5 in Albany. This Saturday is my best friend's baby shower in Corning. Next weekend I have a party, a go-away bbq and a graduation party to attend. Plus my dearest Laurie will be in town.

AHHHHH! I must remember to stay on track. If I survive the next two weeks and lose weight, I will reward myself handsomely. With a tattoo. I'm ready for it. I want it real bad-like.


MizFit said...

love your phrasing of the SLOW AND SCENIC ROUTE!

time for the Autobahn.

(is that even spelled right? who can say...)


MizFit said...

gurl? we, ok *I*, am waiting for more :)

(drums fingers impatiently on desktop...)