Friday, July 18, 2008

bebe de comida

Tonight, I drank some alcohols.
And split some yummy appetizers with my friend Kristen, and drank some grapefruit martini goodness. The waiter- gorgeous buy awful at his job. Nice to look at but in no way wait staff material. I know this because I worked in food service for a few years in college.

Then we went to another bar; I had a beer. Then we met some other friends out; I had a glass of wine. Now I'm sitting here in my dress and high heels, slightly buzzed and swollen in the middle. I hereby dub myself skinny enough to have a "food baby." Like when Paris Hilton eats a salad and Perez Hilton reports that she's preggo.

Special shout out to a new fan Ashley, who found me through my best friend's older sister's best friend's fit blog (Hi Jaq!) and then read my entire blog at work. I'm glad my tales of eating and battling with being huggably chub inspire you to join the battle against fat thighs. I bet you're pretty awesome in your own right too.

OK, boyfriend is here and we're going to relax in front of the fan (b/c i have no AC). Maybe we can fry bacon on my belly/

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