Sunday, July 20, 2008

who's a skinny betch?

I hummed and I hawed.

I debated on going to Dunkin Donuts this morning after I weighed in. I was going to get a chocolate glazed donut and an iced coffee. Then I was going to shmear peanut butter on the donut when I got home. And eat it. And be h a p p y. Because I certainly wouldn't eat any donuts during the week, and I might get bored of the breakfasts I have here at home (cereal, oatmeal, pitas, eggs) and I should splurge a little on my one day off of work. Especially if I lost weight this week. Then for sure, I was going to enjoy a little donut bliss today.

I guess I wanted a donut because of this conversation last night at work:

"Jillian, you are so missing out on that diet thing you do. Junk food is so delicious." -pregnant teenager last night, munching on salt & vinegar potato chips and an Arizona sweet tea
"Yeah Jillian, you're not even fat. I can't believe you'd rather eat watermelon." - another pregnant teenager, chugging a Dr. Pepper and chowing down on some Funions.

I walked a few of the girls to the local grocery store, because they wanted snack. I headed straight for the produce aisle and they wandered somewhere else. I picked up some pre-cut
watermelon and they're hands were full of chips and cookies and caffeinated drinks. They make fun of me for eating healthy because 1) they're 14-17 year old girls 2) they were probably skinny before they got pregnant 3) they didn't know what i looked like when i was chubby 4) they don't know any better.

The good news? I lost another 1.8 pounds this week. I am weighing in at approximately
156.4 pounds
The better news? I resisted the urge to waste money. I decided to come home and make my own iced coffee and enjoy nutella and pb goodness on a flaxy pita thing warmed up in the microwave.

Here is what I'm planning to get (something along these lines, not on my ankle) It will symbolize the latin quote "to the stars through hardship" which has multiple meanings for me. Mainly as a social worker but also my own battles. I CAN'T WAIT TO GET IT. Hopefully I can start making an appointment for next week, if I keep up the hard work.

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MizFit said...

I love the tat-----but Im not the one to ask.

I love tattoos in general;)