Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"weigh" to go!

Yesterday, I did not weigh in.
I spent the afternoon after work at the Verizon store, because I lost my cell phone and needed a replacement immediately. Plus, my eyes have black and red bags underneath them as an adverse reaction to my antibiotics. Today, I looked like a zombie woman in dress clothes. Dress clothes in which I am officially 1.2 pounds less than last Monday, making me:
158.2 lbs
and relieved that I have about 10 pounds left to lose.
and about 3.2 pounds until tattoo time.

Tonight, I am celebrating weight loss with Mushroom & Herb Couscous, Garlic Chipolte Salmon and a big salad for dinner. I went to the gym after weigh in (I should start staying for meetings) and worked out a little bit, but nothing major.

I found my cell this morning when my wake up alarm went off....in a shoe, in my closet.

Oh...and here is my list of non-148 lbs goals that I decided to think about after reading MizFit. I am SOOOO darn focused on reaching that number, that I have forgotten OTHER goals to strive for on my journey. So here they is, in no particular order:
  1. gradually find the time (and energy) to stay on a cardio machine for an hour
  2. attempt to lose more inches all over the body, as this has hit plateau
  3. in addition to #2, maybe even try to get into the single digits of clothing! (i'm a 10-12 right now and it would feel AMAZING to get into an 8...haven't been there since 7th grade)
  4. switch to Core on Weight Watchers for at least 1 week (more about this for next post)
  5. hit 155 and get that stupid tattoo i've been talking about forever
  6. ______________________________ i'll figure this one out later.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You POOR THING on the reaction!!
I've never even heard about that.
And thanks for the surprise shoutout as I was just coming to check in on you.

(And the tattoo? Off to blogsearch on that one as I HEART the tattage)