Thursday, July 24, 2008

that growling belly demon

My belly is growling. Hard core. I've been eating well this week so far. I skipped the gym yesterday but exercised Saturday through Tuesday (cardio, weights, housework, parking far away from destination, walking etc) and my stomach is like, totally pissed at me or something.

Mayhaps it is a psychological issue? EVERYTIME I've lost weight, hit a new low, I tend to celebrate with food. Today, all I want is a candy bar. Something chocolate. French fries. Chicken. Pecan Pie. It's not even PMS week! I even indulged in a poppy seeded bagel with low fat cream cheese (which I scraped off most of!) on the ride home from Adam's this morning to quiet that growling belly demon! And she is not satiated. She is grumbly and mean spirited.

I have to go food shopping immediately after work and cook something with 7 points for the day. Gym later this evening. I feel like eating a friggin' steak. Pizza. A small child. I have to work hard for the rest of the week b/c Saturday is the bridal shower for my friend and I plan on eating and drinking that day-night. The next day Adam and I celebrate our 1 year anniversary. Maybe he will take me hiking or to an amusement park like I asked?

Update: Went back to work and ate a cookie and felt better. After work, went food shopping and felt even better than that! (my fridge was EMPTY) Mmmmmm. Heading to the gym in a few minutes, after this episode of Law & Order is over. They keep playing commercials for Pizza Hut Tuscani Pasta and IT LOOKS SO GOOD! I want that so badly but I bet it tastes gross in real life.


Anonymous said...

Checking in on you....hard to know w/out specificspecifics whether it's headhunger or belly hunger!

Either way ONE cookie in my world is a victory.


Jillian said...

i think it was head hunger