Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I read in some magazine (the title slips me) that the person's favoritist number is 11. In everything she does, she does it at a 10 and then takes it up a notch. I thought that was 11 is my new inspiration number, even though I have 9 pounds left to lose before I hit my friggin goal of 148 and don't have to pay $40/month for WW anymore.

Here is a picture of me with chocolate cupcake on my teeth (it's not poop, I swear!) I lost 1.6 pounds and am at 157.8.....thank you stress! Even after the wedding...where I drank at an 11.

Today I quit smoking again. I feel like I'm going to rip someone's face off and laugh. I know tomorrow the withdrawals will be way worse. Internship had a catered picnic and I ate 33 POINTS in one sitting (my daily allowance is 22) and I am going to bed EXHAUSTED with no dinner. This afternoon I ate at an 11. I am amazed at how NOT hungry I am... knowing full well that I ate over my daily allowance and felt satisfied all day. The old me would have eaten a dinner just out of spite.

Sadly, my shin bone is still popping out of my leg and I am on the injury boat. My right hip bone makes a clicky noise and pops out of the socket. I am taking a break from exercise until I see my doctor on Friday to discuss my physical ailments as well as why my hair is falling out in clumps. The funny part is, I want to exercise really badly to get out some tension and stay at an 11 on my recently revamped weight loss and attitude adjustment. I wish I had peanut butter covered cigarettes.


The Mandapants said...

That's a line for the ages:

"I wish I had some peanut butter covered cigarettes."

Awesome. ;) And we're here for you on your new cigarette quit. Keep at it!


tokaiangel said...

Yeah, quitting smoking is horrible but after the first two days it gets grrrradually better for me, and after a while I realise I've gone a whole day without thinking about it. You'll be over the worst by now! Yay!

Hey, I'm with you in the injury boat, want a paddle? It's a great upper-body workout!

"Yeah but THESE amps go up to 11" gotta love Spinal Tap.

TA x

fattygetsfit said...

thank you ladies!
this 15 hr day will be the true test for me (work 7-6, class 7-10)

so tomorrow you can tune in to the albany ny news and see if i've ripped anyone's face off

carla said...

*fiddles with cablebox*

WTF? No Albany stations?!


Tricia said...

Good luck with quitting smoking. I hope your hair stops falling out.

You're making the right choice by not working out. I once went dancing on a fractured metatarsal (foot bone) and the stress from the dancing caused it to fracture in another spot. Fortunately I drank an 11 and it didn't hurt nearly as bad as it should've (but I did feel it fracture that second time).

Rockin Austin said...

Now, peanut butter covered cigarettes are not something I'd crave...however, if you sub a choclate bar, covered it in PB I'd be all over it!

fattygetsfit said...

yeah i called the NYS Quitline and they're going to send me *free* patches to help with withdrawals. ive always quit cold turkey before and i think i need help this time around