Tuesday, September 16, 2008

unnnngaaaa dunngaaaa

I dont really know what that title means.

Maybe it's a shout of exhaustion!?! I've been working, learning and interning now going on 9 straight days with no end in sight until 9/21/08. (I worked Sunday at the preggo girl house from 8-4)

No word from Dr. Hauser about my hair or my leg. The hair that's leaving my head has sprouted on my chin. I found 3 chin hairs in the car with my co-worker yesterday when we were examining our faces in the car mirrors. BOY WAS I ANGRY! Like so angry I almost spit.

I'm still not smoking and waiting for my free nicotine patches to come in the mail.

I'm anxious for next Saturday when I take my Comprehensive Exam for my master's in Community Mental Health Counseling. I'm trying to study but LIFE keeps happening. After the comps, I am rounding up anyone who took it that day and making them drink with me. I am calling it "Inebriation until graduation"...even if I end up drinking alone....which would probably be funny. I also want to make a shirt for myself that says "No." or "I can't" to wear whilst taking the exam.

On a positive note...I'm still alive. And pretty decent looking.


tokaiangel said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the not smoking! And without patches too! I found the patches were brilliant when I gave up.

Good luck for your exam, hope you manage to schedule in some study. Good study tip I used - smell a certain perfume or oil while you study and then dab it on your sleeve when you go into the exam. Smell engages the memory - honestly it really works! Tricky lists I always make into a stupid song to help me remember them too. Then you could sing it while you work or at the gym and get double use out of your precious time!

TA x

Tricia said...

Great job not smoking!

My study habits were to simply memorize everything, so I'm not the best person to give advice. (I made flash cards and carried them EVERYWHERE, but making them takes forever)

The Mandapants said...

I'm so proud (of many things, and the non-smoking in particular)!

Chin hair? That sucks. I can just see the angry face with the tweezer and a really loud "GET OUT YOU MOTHER****ER!"

Lol. That's what I'd do, at least.