Friday, September 12, 2008


Last night, after my partner and I presented on Autism and we get a break, I see I have several missed calls. Lo and behold! The girl who asked me to be her labor coach from the house is finally going into labor...the real deal.

Mind you, I'm wearing a dress and high heels as I run back into the biulding to find my professor. She's in the bathroom, I'm hollering "teacher lady, teacher lady I'm going to be a grandma!" After I explain what I mean, and get the blessing to miss class, I show up at the house (luckily right by grad school) and I'm out of breath. Everyone in the house is calm and some of the girls tell me I look nice in my dress but my face looks like I'm a zombie. I pack a very uncomfortable 17 yr old girl into my Yaris and we head for the hospital.

I've never been in the actual delivery room and I've only seen labor on T.V. so this was a first for me. I ended up leaving at 2 AM when her older sister showed up, but I was grateful for being asked. While I'm not religious in a practical sense, I believe that babies are miracles and gifts from a higher power and I felt blessed to be present.

Funny thing is, my stomach was hurting all day yesterday but I couldn't figure out why....I had cramping kind of pains that were uncomfortable. I think it was sympathy pains!

Now I'm heading to the doctor and internship. I hope Dr. H can tell me why my bone is popped out and why I am suffering from male pattern baldness.


Tricia said...

Congrats on becoming a grandma.

Good Luck finding out about the baldness and the bone. I hope it's nothing too serious (Nair in the conditioner?)

The Mandapants said...


That's amazing that you got to be there! Meanwhile, I was watching Baby Mama (hilarious, yet somehow sad in comparison? LOL).

PS: You have to tell us how the PB assignment goes!

tokaiangel said...

Oh WOW, that must have been incredible! Did it make you feel broody, or did you want to run for the hills??

On a trivial note, my best friend has a Yaris and she doesn't STOP going on about how amazing it is. It's pretty cool actually, it really IS big AND small at the same time.

TA x

Rockin Austin said...

Wow, what an experience!! Congrats on your first delivery! :)

fattygetsfit said...

i still want to have children.
i had my blood tested for a thyroid problem? and an x-ray for a possible bone spur?

P.S. you ladies are such diligent little effers. now i have to catch up on all of YOUR lives!