Tuesday, September 23, 2008

healthy to wealthy

You give me too much credit. You forget that I get paid for my insight and AHAs! I am not that fantastic, just doing my job, as a quasi mental health professional. You ladies made me blush, when I was really just using my job as a segue to my own personal AHA moments.

I've officially filled up 3 full 26 week WW books and am on my 4th. I am happy that I've maintained a weight under 160 since 3/28/08 but am frustrated that I am STILL paying $40 a month to be a Weight Watcher. I should be getting this $#!+ for free. I told this to the lady who weighed me in this evening (her name is Sharee) In 4 minutes I managed to tell Sharee my life story. I just want to hit my goal weight, which is 10.6 pounds away.

The funny thing is, is that I'm making sure I exercise as much as possible and sacrifice other things, like laundry& house cleaning. Moving has become a commitment I dedicate myself to. Above everything else. NO matter how tired. I spend at least 30 minutes in the gym, being creative with my time to see how I can mix it up in that time period.

I lost .8 this week.
I weigh 158.6 lbs.
I am still studying (and falling asleep) furiously for my test on Saturday.
I want to be my goal weight and save my money and spend it on better things, like clothes or peanut butter.
I am switching focus from being healthy to being wealthy.
Lets see if THAT works.


The Mandapants said...

Ugh, I know, right? I was only on WW for a bit b/c I din't want to spend money on it (and I had learned the concepts, etc.). But I also feel the "let's just REACH THE GOAL ALREADY!"-ness. We've come so far, right? It's like carrot-dangling.

Although there are very few times I'd do jack **** for a carrot. I would, however, fall for a mouse trap if lured by a piece of cheese.

Tricia said...

I'm glad to know that you're keeping busy at least. I'm not big on the WW since I'm trying to cut out some of the chemicals in food (although if you could work the phrase "I can't eat that, I'm on a Lifestyle" into a meal, I'd get really happy since WW is now "not a diet").

tokaiangel said...

Could it be that we only seem to give you too much credit BECAUSE YOU DON'T GIVE YOURSELF ENOUGH?

Hmm?Hmm? Possible.


TA x

Rockin Austin said...

Yeah, I'm going to agree with the "you don't give yourself enough credit" theme. Just because it is your job doesn't mean that you'll be good at it, or take the time to help people realize that they can have a better life. You're awesome. Accept it.

As for WW, I'm a online member. I did the whole $40 a month only to be frustrated with losing and gaining the same 2-5 pounds. I did finally make LifeTime, although now I'm above the "legal" limit and would have to pay. So I just log it online and don't go to the meetings. I never liked the meetings...huh, and the beer probably explains the 2-5 pounds flux...for me that is!

MizFit said...

ooooh CHILLS FROM TAs comment.
methinks she nailed it!!


GroundedFitness said...

psh- who needs housework? I turn my housework into a workout sometimes. I blast my ipod and dance around like a maniac when i do laundry or dishes or whatever.

Its the only time i wish i had a peeping tom, cause i really know how to get down.

Kelly Turner

fattygetsfit said...

you're all right.
WW works for me, most of the time, TA has a great point and housework can be exercise too ;-)

thanks for the encouragement