Wednesday, September 3, 2008

sexy don't come in a bucket

I almost jumped over the counter and gave tongue kisses to an older woman named "Pat" who weighed me in this evening at Weight Watchers. I've gained almost a pound in the last two weeks.

Although I'm not completely thrilled with a gain, I am superhappyfrigginthrilled that I only upped myself that much and not the 55 lbs I was expecting to have gained.

I've been trying this new thing, where I eat more veggies and less meat. Although, tonight, I am celebrating with chipolte turkey burgers with jalepenos/onions/peppers inside. Yum!

Got myself a new weight tracker (to journal my meals for POINTS!); getting the swing of my new hectic schedule and overall I'm feeling better. I also re-joined the gym tonight.

Tomorrow, Adam & I are going to see Jeff Dunham with his parents, his best friend, and the friend's wife. Some laughter will be good for me :-)


tokaiangel said...

Hooray for being back in the driving seat! And almost a pound? Aha, you mean Not Even A pound! I love semantics.

TA x

fattygetsfit said...

Yeah WW does this weights in .2 increments. I use it to my advantage when I've lost 1.8 lbs I'll say 2. But I'll use the lower numbers point-whatever when I've gained ;-)

new*me said...

Stopped by to check you out! Loved the recipes at MizFit's. You are one funny lady and I plan on visiting you more!

Steve Stenzel said...

Sexy DON'T come in a bucket?!? Then what did I just pay $39.99 for at the State Fair! I've been had!!


spunkysuzi said...

Good for you!! And have fun at the gym ;)

Mark Salinas said...

Good stuff...your journey is inspiring! :)