Thursday, September 4, 2008

you wanna scrap???

OK, we're back on the wagon of healthy eating. I've returned to fighting the good fight. Stayed within reasonable POINT-age today, although i DID have a beer with my boyfriend at the comedy show this evening.

Tomorrow is another internship day. 255 hours left to complete there. (woot. woot.) I'm getting used to the patients giving me the "updown" stare, where they check me out and then say "Oh, intern girl you look nice today!" (among other things) It's also funny when they talk about me in Spanish and have no idea that I understand what they are talking about.

OK, so I'll admit it...having addicts and alcoholics in rehab try and flirt with me is
slightly confidence enhancing. Except for the creepy schizophrenic who gave me a standing ovation in the cafeteria and told me he missed me while I wasn't there. That was a little much.

He doesn't wear underwear or bathe.

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tokaiangel said...

Ahhh, adoration from a guy who doesn't bathe or wear underpants. That's what got me in the relationship I am in today :0)

TA x