Thursday, August 7, 2008

the grass is always greener??

Today I read the story of a woman who was pretty much afraid to eat. She worked to overcome that fear and is better off than she was before. Very inspirational.

But me?I bitch, I moan, I complain but I've never stopped to think about the opposite end of the eating spectrum. How scary and out of control someone might feel when they've maintained a weight that works. If I'm feeling weirded out now, how am I going to feel when I hit my target weight? Is food going to become the enemy?? I've been working so hard over this last year to remind myself that food is for nourishment. Food is stupid. AhhhhH!

Maybe today I'll go to WW to weigh-in. Even though I'm certain the number will piss me off.

As for Bruno, we are getting along famously. Bruno is great for sucking in my guts (which probably makes my ab muscles work a little more during a cardio) and keeping my posture correct. I had a little scoliosis and my boobs are heavy (but smaller!?) and I think I am getting a hunch back. He passed cardio and weight lifting/machine workouts with purple colors! Bruno makes me sweat harder in the middle. Bruno gets me weird stares for the meat-head gym dudes who are probably scratching their heads trying to figure out what I'm wearing.


fatfighter said...

Glad to hear you and Bruno are doing so well. I wonder if any of those "meat-head gym dudes" will every actually ask you what it is? ;)

Jillian said...

it might be embarrassing for them NOT to know what I'm wearing. Perhaps they will purchase their own purple belts and wear them?

MizFit said...

ahhhhhhhh bruno ;)
I wish people could SEE your purple loveliness but, alas, you need to be hidden to work.

and food as fuel.
it is that hard and that simple huh?