Sunday, August 24, 2008

i was told there'd be cake?

Tomorrow is DOOMSDAY. I begin work at 7 AM and stay until 6 PM. Then I stop home, eat (?) and get back on the road to get to night class at 7:15 PM until around 10 PM or so. Same again on Tuesday and Thursday.

Is it weird that I am more worried about how and when I will eat dinner than I am about being exhausted?!?!

I think I will take tomorrow night
off from the gym...


tokaiangel said...

I get exactly the same way when I have a lot on - I need to know when my food is coming 'cause at least then I know when I'm going to get my energy boost and that I'm going to be able to keep pushing through!

Kudos for the workload - crikey that's scary, and twice more this week??

Make sure you look after yourself!

TA x

MizFit said...


use that all the time.

HANG IN THERE WITH THE WORK. you **can** do the healthy thing whilst working yer ass off.

you CAN!

fattygetsfit said...

ahh thank you for the votes of confidence!