Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I just had a feeling sharing session (i.e. i complained about what he's doing WRONG or not doing at all instead of acknowledging that I do stupid stuff too) with my boyfriend, where I basically demanded that he compliment me more, in order to boost my self-esteem and feelings of importance to him. He calmly stated that he and his best friend (married, with two beautiful children and a hot skinny wife) noticed that I was looking thinner and had a conversation about it on Sunday. Before I inserted my foot into my mouth, I told him how much nicer it would be for him to tell me those things when he sees them instead of after the fact when I'm yelling and whinning. But why do I need my boyfriend to validate me? I should feel good about myself. But I'm not so sure. I guess I'm still somewhat insecure about my body and my weight.

Usually, when I date someone, I plump up, lose it and then chop off my hair. This relationship has me roughly 10 lbs thinner than I was last summer with long hair. His stock is UP UP UP. I'm so much hotter than I was...ever.

My mind is gearing up for the big changes ahead. I need to slow the brakes and re-focus on what's important, like wearing Bruno UNDER my clothes instead of over. oops.

Tomorrow is weigh in day.

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tokaiangel said...

Yeah yeah yeah we shouldn't need other people to tell us we look hot BUT WE DO. We all do. You did well to register the sentiment, much more mature than letting the not-being-complimented issue fester away and make you annoyed and grouchy Forever (like I probably would).

TA x