Tuesday, August 19, 2008

unlikely duo

Tonight, I'm going for Indian food with my friend Matty, who is studying to be a Catholic priest. Every once in a while, we go on a "date" and talk about life. I look forward to these talks because Matty teaches me some good stuff about faith and I tell him about the horrors of social work. Who knew that a Catholic priest-in-training and a Jewish girl would stay friends after college?

I love Indian food. Love lovelvoelvoelveovoveoe. ummm.

In other news, last night after my 6-midnight shift at the preggo house, I went to the gym. I went for only 35 minutes, but I felt better working out. I couldn't use Bruno because I have heat rash all over my belly from frying in the sun this weekend...since my tummy hasn't seen the light of day since 1998.

I started lifting and I yawned every five seconds. But by the end of my 20 mins cardio, I was wide eyed and ready to take on the world and not my bed. I
CAN exercise after my day but I am lousy at purposely waking UP to work it out. I was home, showered and in bed by 1:15 am.

I am very tired right now. I hope I don't go face down in my curry veggies. Poor Matty.

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