Tuesday, August 5, 2008

lunch time sneakiness!

I snuck home for lunch, although I ate at my work desk. I cut up a cucumber and two tomatoes and ate that raw. The whole time I moaned for a cheeseburger. With bacon. Or a tuna sandwich. I'm glad my colleague is also a friend.

Today I am trying out Bruno (my stretchy purple buddy from last entry) at the gym. After I call back the lady from Passion Parties to talk business. Did I mention that I'm most likely going to sell sex toys on the side? Think tupperware party, but replace the plastic container with a dildo entitled "G-whiz"...yeah. I think I'll be a natural.

Today is a GYM day must. Grocery shopping maybe tomorrow. Laundry then too? Last night's gym trip got sidelined by a man named Adam. He took me to see the newBatman (awesome, btw) and I couldn't possibly make it to the gym.

I'm off to visit with a chickadee for a home visit.

PS. MizFit I'll tell you all about Bruno later.


MizFit said...

cant wait to hear about bruno...although that typed so close to the passion party part made my mind veer off the wrong direction (I.Tired.)

Ive been to a bunch of those----so fun.
being a rep? SO FUN.

tokaiangel said...

I just crashed-landed here via Mizfit. Love it! I have hereby decided I am going to be your newest cheerleading stranger.

My best bud used to be an Ann Summers rep - best fun EVER.

TA x