Wednesday, August 13, 2008


  • My Native American name: Dances with pregnant girls
    • i broke my flip flop tonight getting down with the ladies this evening
  • My "Miss America" Contest Talent: parallel parking
    • cuz hey, it's what i'm good at besides eating cookies
  • My current weight: 158.2
    • up .4 not even a big deal but...kinda P.O.'d about it only because I tried super hard this week with exercise and eating right
  • On my mind right now: where in the heck I'm going to get my tattoo tomorrow!
    • top of foot! ankle! rib cage!
  • My weekend: will be spent in Rochester, NY @ my college roomie's lake house
    • drunk drunk in a bikini!
  • My biggest fear: a toss up between the Burger King Man and pigeons
    • i dislike seagulls also

Mmmmhmmmmm. Now I'm tired from working two jobs today.


tokaiangel said...

0.4lbs is like the weight of the cracker I just put into my mouth. And seriously, it didn't even fill me up.

I ALWAYS wanted a tat on my ribcage but I'm pretty sure the pain would be murderous. Mind you, I fear pain. And my mother's reaction (even though I'm 27, yesyes)

Your weekend sounds awesome, and well-earned. Own it!

TA x

MizFit said...


my husbands tat day is tomorrow as well...or the start...gonna take a LOT of sessions.


WeightingGame said...

OMG how does one figure out her Native American name? Dances with pregnant girls is amazing!