Thursday, August 28, 2008


If eating healthy was a wagon, hypothetically speaking, I would have fallen off that wagon on Monday.

If exercising was a wagon, I would still have one leg on it.

If being tired was a wagon, I'd be on the fucker with my seatbelt on.

I hope this entry makes sense. I am so tired it's almost painful to be awake. I am home to eat briefly before night class. Alls I know is that on Saturday @ 5 PM I can relax a little. Sunday my boyfriend and I are going to Six Flags New England with another couple. Hopefully I meet the weight requirements to ride the rides.


tokaiangel said...

Lady, you have been working your ARSE off. A tough few food days is a drop in the ocean - the fitness YOU'VE worked for is for life. Don't forget, this healthy malarkey is about looking after yourself the best you can - body AND soul. So put your soles up and savour every minute of your reeelax. Tomorrow is another day!

TA x

Fitarella said...

you kick ass Jilly! Hang in there my friend and HAVE FUN at the park! Be sure to go on the upside down rollercoaster to yack & scream your brains out :-) xoox

MizFit said...


have a great time and be KIND to you.

(wags her finger atcha in reprimand :))

auntie said...

"If being tired was a wagon, I'd be on the fucker with my seatbelt on."

Just laughed so hard I snorted and I'm fairly certain the people in adjacent cubicles are wondering what I'm doing over here...

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