Friday, August 15, 2008

my ink blogger

my first tattoo ever...meant to reinforce the fact that I am beautiful (this translates to "beauty" in hebrew) it has also turned out to remind me to find beauty in others
#2, for my mom & me....she raised me by herself and the hearts interlock to symbolize our bond

#3, "Swannita"- meant to show inner and outer beauty (i.e. weight loss, grad school, helping other people)
and finally... # 4

Got her done last night. She hurt like a mofo. Very pleased with the results.
This tattoo is meant to symbolize my journey to the "stars" through "hardship."


MizFit said...


now, did your mom give you the lecture about the jewish cemetery no longer burying you?

Im 39 and get that from mine all.the.time.


tokaiangel said...

I love the way you've let them tell your life story - blatantly the best reasons to get the ink. They're all awesome!


Did this one hurt did that one hurt did they all hurt the same or different? *tattoo-less girl is intrigued*

TA x

fattygetsfit said...
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fattygetsfit said...

mom is less than thrilled but it's my body and she knows she has no say! i didn't get the shpiel about cemeteries though.....

fat & muscle hurt waaay less

bones hurt for serious. feet are tender. i'd say the thigh hurt the least, followed by back and ankle. foot was bad, but my tats are all so tiny